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The Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences Master of Data Science (MDS) prepares you to develop your understanding of the cornerstones of modern data science through a dual framework in Statistics and Computer Science. 

Our full-time program (15-months) and part-time programs (24-months) taught by pioneering faculty and researchers in the field of data science anchors the curriculum on hands-on training in applied probability and mathematical statistics, statistical modeling and computing, machine learning, data management and visualization, and artificial intelligence.

STEM Designated

Eligible for 36 Months of Optional Practical Training

Best Master's in Data Science

Ranked by FORTUNE

85% Placement Rate

ICS Professional Master’s programs boast 85% placement rate within 3 Months of Graduation

The unique feature of the UCI MDS program is that it is rooted in the deep foundation of data science with a balanced curriculum between computer science and statistics as well as two capstone project courses that provide first hand experience in dealing with real world problems. The accelerated full-time and part-time programs offer students the same robust curriculum ensuring they will be well-prepared to meet the challenges from the world of big data. 

We are taking the helm of generating a robust Data Science program to innovate and be leaders in the industry. Our balanced approach makes us a unique catalyst where students can learn and make an impact on society.

Bin Nan, Chancellor's Professor and Faculty Director
Master of Data Science
Department of Statistics

The Donald Bren School of ICS Ecosystem

UC Irvine’s Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science resides in the heart of Southern California’s TechCoast, with more than 40% of Orange County’s High tech and bio-medical companies, and one-third of Fortune 500 company offices the Bren School is nested in a powerhouse ecosystem. 

Leveraging our world recognized faculty and robust industry clusters in life sciences, information technology, aerospace, advanced manufacturing and digital arts and media the Master of Data Science is Empowering Innovation.

Gain your degree in a dynamic destination city that has the resources, capital and culture you need to enhance your academic and professional career.

The Master of Data Science builds on the cornerstones of modern data science by unifying statistics, data analysis, machine learning, and other computational methods to understand and analyze data to propel organizations forward. 


Our comprehensive curriculum allows you to dive deeper into state-of-the-art methods for working with data while building a network of professionals for forming the foundations for the next generation of leaders in data science. In the program, you will learn particular methods and projects, learn from industry partners and leverage your skills to drive business intelligence through a capstone project.

Our Master of Data Science program equips students with the ability to identify relevant questions, collect data from a multitude of sources, organize the information, translate results into solutions, and communicate their findings. Our Career Development team works with students individually to prepare them for the recruitment and job interview process. As a strategic partner we will leverage their skills to help students identify the best career opportunities that fit their goals.

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Data science seems like the Swiss Army knife of majors in its applicability across fields—I cannot think of an industry that doesn’t make use of data in some way,

Adelynn Paik, MDS Student '22